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You can define a "speaking URL" for each page in the zCMS. Normally, the zCMS automatically creates URL addresses according to the following scheme:




Here is an example:

If we create a page with the title "Contact" on the domain www.newcms.de in "English" and this page has the object ID "34", the automatic URL would look like this:




There is nothing wrong with this URL. However, it would be prettier if the ID "134" did not exist. This is where the "speaking URLs" come into play. For each folder or page, you can create your own URL in the "SPEAKING URL" field in the object's edit mode. However, you only have access to the area after the "DOMAIN" and the "LANGUAGE". Please also note the rules and restrictions of this feature, which are listed at the bottom of this article.


Speaking URL


If you enter "contact.htm" in the field "SPEAKING URL" in our example, then the URL for the page is now:




Please also note that the "/en" in our examples is only available if you have activated the option "Activate prefix for languages" under "Administration -> Settings -> General". This is not necessary for single-language sites. But it is mandatory for multilingual websites!


Folder structure starts with v8.5

Since version 8.5, folder structures can also be created with the "speaking URLs". Let's show the possibilities with an example:


You have a product folder with several products and would like to create URLs like https://www.newcms.de/en/products/pocketwatch.htm and https://www.newcms.de/en/products/writstwatch.htm. To do this, enter "products/pocketwatch.htm" and "products/wristwatch.htm" under "SPEAKING URL". The part "products" can be different everywhere and has nothing to do with the an existing folder "products". Each "speaking URL" is completely independent. This gives you complete freedom in naming your " speaking URLs".


Important notes

There are strict rules for " speaking URLs". Only in this case they work. Furthermore, if you do not follow the rules, it is possible that parts or the entire website will no longer be accessible. Therefore, please take great care to comply with these rules:


  1. Each "speaking URL" must be unique. The same "speaking URL" may not be used again. Not even in another language version.
  2. A "talking URL" is not allowed to start with "/".
  3. No special characters or umlauts may/should be used in a talking URL.
  4. It is not allowed to have a sequence of numbers between two "/"s and at the beginning
    123/products/watches.htm => ERROR
    products/123/watches.htm => ERROR
    products/watches123.htm => CORRECT
  5. No spaces are allowed in a "speaking URL
    products/mans watches.htm => ERROR
    products/mans-watches.htm => CORRECT
  6. Each " speaking URL " must have a file extension. We recommend .htm or .html
    products/watches.htm => ERROR
    products/watches.htm => CORRECT
  7. Please be careful with upper and lower case letters. We recommend to write the entire "speaking URL" in lower case


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